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The Mission of Threshing Floor

Our ultimate assignment here at Threshing Floor Ministries is what Yeshua and the Father have given us, to take the gospel of the Kingdom to the world Matt.28:19-20, and thereby producing disciples and bringing many sons/daughters unto glory. Our predestined mission according to Rom.8:29 to see the body of the Messiah conform and transfigured into the very image of the Son of Yah (God) in body, soul, and spirit. In connection to this great commission, we will minister to the total being of the body of Messiah, to accomplish the goal set above, to see the sons and daughters of Yah blossom into their full purpose. We will cross color barriers, cultures, etc… to see the will of Yah to be done in the earth.

Meet Apostle and Prophetic Dowell

The Leaders of Threshing Floor

It was in the year 2006 that Threshingfloor Ministries began to take shape. It was at a time of great pressure to find the authenticity of ministries. As Apostle and Prophetess Dowell were searching for a deeper expression of Yah’s (God) will in their lives, this search led them down to Atlanta, Georgia where the Threshingfloor Floor Conference under Juanita Bynum was being held. As their life was taking a turn to see and express organic worship, prayer, healing, deliverance, separation from the world, and the power of the Holy Spirit, this caused a deep sitted hungry for them to seek for more of God. As this passionate craving for more begins to stir up it pushes them into a deeper understanding and revelation of the Father’s heart and will, Atlanta, GA becomes the destination. It was there in Atlanta that their lives would never be the same. Apostle has always been a person of word, prayer, and worship, but it wasn’t until the Threshingfloor Conference that prayer and worship really began to shift his whole entire life and ministry into another dimension for Apostle and Prophetess. Out of this cry and yearning for more of Yah, Threshingfloor Ministry was birthed through the Spirit of Travailing Prayer while on the Threshingfloor in Atlanta. So many confirmations was given by Abba concerning this new journey into a deeper prayer life, greater intimacy and relationship that a place of worship was established in April of 2006, during the season of Passover. Apostle and Prophetess Dowell are Supernatural carriers of the Presence of Yah. Manifestations and demonstration of the GOD kind have been accompanying their life and ministry since the beginning and even more so than us the supernatural expression, these two are loving individuals. They live humble lives, they are people of character, honesty, and integrity. These two are a dynamic duo in Messiah Yeshua, and to Yah belongs all the praise, glory, and honor for the great things He is expressing through their lives.